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How to Render a Video in HD With Sony Vegas: 14 Steps

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Thanks a bunch, Derek! If i render in avi widescreen its very bad quality and mb. Trending Articles. You can increased Bit Rates for higher quality.


Sony vegas pro 12 renderizar mp4 free


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Sony vegas pro 12 renderizar mp4 free


Choose an Internet format; do not choose a Blu-ray format. If there is no exact match, for example, if the video has a frame rate of The Custom Settings window appears. If you need to adjust your frame rate, click the down arrow next to the Frame Rate box and choose the frame rate which matches your video. In the drop-down menu for Constant Bit Rate, choose a number from 20,, to 50,, , depending on your video resolution.

If you have a lower resolution like x or x, you can choose a lower bit rate. But if your footage is UHD — x — or higher, then choose a higher bit rate like 50,,, or even higher. You can also type in a custom bit rate. The bit rate is the amount of information per second the computer processes while playing the video. A high bit rate means a higher amount of processing. A high bit rate results in a large file size, but it also results in high quality video.

We are trying to make this conversion as lossless as possible, so we want a high bit rate to preserve as much quality as possible. A variable bit rate rises and lowers while the video plays, depending on the content.

Efficient use of a variable bit rate can result in high-quality video with a lower file size. However, it can result in fluctuating quality. This is almost always fine for video playback; almost all DVDs and Blu-ray discs play video encoded with variable bit rates and you never notice any quality drops. But editing requires a more robust, high-quality file with consistent quality for its entire length.

Also, when you upload a video for streaming on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, the streaming platform converts the file for optimal playback. Ensure that it is set to “Best”. Select the deinterlace method. Most modern digital footage is shot in progressive mode, so there is no need for deinterlacing.

Click the drop-down menu and select “None”. Any other method could result in unwanted scanlines in the final video. If you are rendering in p, select “Blend Fields” as most p footage still uses interlaced frames. Check the “Adjust source media This will help reduce the chance of small black bars appearing around the edge of your finished product. Save your template. Once you are finished configuring your custom template, you can save it for easy access later.

Enter in a name to help you remember it into the Template field, and then click the Save button. Your custom template will be added to the list, allowing you to quickly select it again. Click the Audio tab. Here you can adjust your audio settings for your project.

There are a few things you’ll want to check in order to ensure the best-sounding video possible. Resample and stretch quality – This should be set to “Best”. Part 2. Open the “Render As” menu.

Now the your project properties have been set, you can choose how you want to render it for the final product. You can find the “Render As” button in the toolbar or in the File menu.

Select an output format. In the Render As menu, you will see a list of available formats in the Output Format section. Sony AVC is the best option for older versions of Vegas. Expand the format you want to use. For example, if you want to use MainConcept, expand it to display all of the different templates available under that format.

Choose the one that matches your video the best. If you are making a p video, choose “Internet HD p”. Customize the template. Click the Customize Template Note: This is different than your Project Properties template, and the following settings apply to MainConcept only. Uncheck the “Allow source to adjust frame rate” box.

This may help prevent some stuttering in the final project. Ensure that the “Frame rate” drop-down menu matches what you set in the Project Properties window. Adjust the bitrate for smaller file sizes. If you want the final project to be smaller, lower the average bit rate at the bottom of the window.

This will result in a lower-quality video. This will force the program to use the GPU to help rendering, which can significantly speed up the process. If you are using the Windows Media Video format, and are making a p video, check the “Image size” drop-down menu in the Custom Settings window. By default, WMV selects x , which will result in a skewed image. Back before people started using HD cameras, everyone on YouTube was using video like yours and the maximum resolution was only p.

Render a project to p and p, and then see which one you like the best. Inside the Mainconcept templates, you will find the p and p template. I’ll certainly follow your advice and see how I get on! How to render. Hi Pierre You cannot strictly do that with Sony Vegas, because Apple Software owns this format and they do not allow other companies to use this.

When you render to this format it creates a. Quite often, you can simply rename the file after rendering and change it to. In this version, the best rendering templates are actually under Sony AVC. Regards Derek. And other people are saying that Vegas does not support H. Is this true? There is so much dodgy information on the web, that spreads like wildfire without anyone questioning it. Here is a simply test you can do, that proves what I am saying is true. That clears it. Thanks a bunch, Derek!

It is all due to what the power line frequency is for each Country. If it is mis-matched you can get horrible flicker in Video Recordings when shooting inside near light sources.

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