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Sony movie studio platinum 13 stabilizer free

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Sony movie studio platinum 13 stabilizer free


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Sony movie studio platinum 13 stabilizer free.I need a video editing program with a working stabilizer tool


Also, I have ver. I went to their forum and many others have noticed this same problem with this version and previous ones.

Interesting you suggested Sony. I just got it. It’s a good video production program that has many tools including a working “shaky camera” or stabilizing tool. It also comes with music selections.

It’s far superior to Pinnnacle. For those of you thinking of getting a video editing program, I must admit Pinnacle has a easier user interface. Of course this may be true because I’ve used it for years. They are also not out of business as indicated above; they were bought by Avid. I had ver. I have no idea if the image stabilizing tool works in ver. What can be done, is make the project using Pinnacle. Then if you want to use the stabilizing tool, import it to Sony. You can’t make a Sony project and import it to Pinnacle.

I got the Sony program for free, so I’m only out the tax if I decide not to use it. Sony is a good program with many tools, and if using it for the first time, it may be fine. Click to expand Interceptor Contributor Scuba Instructor. On a mac iMovie has both a stabiliser and a tool for rolling stutter for CMOS cameras that is quite effective however there is no way to stabilise footage that is too shaky, the secret is to have a semineutral rig and good handle with rubber that is shock absorbent and of course great buoyancy and diving skills.

I find it much harder to use than Pinnacle, though admit the stabiler tool they have does work better, but still not as good as YouTube’s. It does come with a lot of royalty free music, which is handy. I know it’s better to use a tripod or some other way of keeping the camera steady, and most of the time I do keep it steady.

I have it mounted on my scooter. I don’t video while running the scooter, but there is often surge and it’s hard to hold the camera and light still. Sign in. Back to post. Best Regards Report as questionable. Cancel Send. Cancel OK. Its next competitor in the fps contest was Corel VideoStudio, at — not even close. For the fps contest, Premiere Elements was the next slowest, at At first glance, Sony Movie Studio is straightforward. But a deeper look reveals that its somewhat crowded, dull-gray interface may take some getting used to.

The app’s Show Me How feature — a simple interactive tutorial that borrows some animated moves from Adobe Premiere Elements — familiarizes you with the program.

It features two instructional videos, coupled with a Help button that answers most newbie questions. I strongly suggest viewing these before you start editing. Though fairly easy to learn, the program tends to be fiddly and fussy. For example, the fade feature involved painstakingly clicking and dragging on the ends of frames.

Clicking on any single effect pops open a second window with controls and sliders that ranged from simple to complex — and that generally had to be resized and repositioned so you could see the dynamic preview and operate the controls. To use the Auto-Ripple Tool, you now have to do three steps in two completely different areas of the desktop.

If anyone reading this has an older version of Movie Studio pre version 13 or is a Vegas Pro user, you will be use to the Auto-Ripple Tool icon being located in the top toolbar and looking like this. Pressing the drop down arrow reveals three modes. This is simple and logical. In the new version of Movie Studio Platinum 13, you first have to press Config in the bottom toolbar underneath the timeline and then select Auto Ripple to turn it ON.

Before you can safely use the Auto Ripple Tool, you first need to set the mode. Go to Options – Ripple. I really hope that this tool can be simplified in a free update to the program.

Please bring back the controls to be fully linked with the icon! Otherwise you will create a giant mess with your project. Sign-up for my weekly emails!

I try to keep them short, 3 min reads max. Read more about my story here. You can also find me on YouTube , Facebook , Twitter. Movie Studio Zen is a fully independent site and all our content is free. You can help support this site by making a PayPal donation. Password Show Password.


Sony movie studio platinum 13 stabilizer free

Always done a great job for me. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? Jillian, I used to use the BCC stabiliser but found that if I wanted to smooth out a panned shot it was useless. Additionally, you have the ability to showcase all the stops on your journey with photos and titles. If you want to get stkdio steady footage from a non-panned sony movie studio platinum 13 stabilizer free and don’t mind the complexity and time effort, you can use the excellent Hitfilm 2 Express plugin which is free – don’t go for the Hitfilm 3 Express plugin as this won’t work in MSP. In the next window that opens, click on top of Sony folder in left column and then add Sony Stabilize. Present your films.