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In my opinion, I think win10 users should know about “fast start up”, it was a surprise to me, maybe you all already know, but I think it’s worth ffree warning, so here goes:. Win10 fast start up, aka quick boot, is touted as a feature of win10, but what you may not know is it is the default when installed, and I think it assisted in forcing a hard drive failure. It can be disabled via control panel, приведу ссылку options, and I recommend users disable it.

It doesn’t make boot times that much better anyway, a couple minutes perhaps, but I don’t think it’s worth it in the long run. So, how did this feature help me loose a hard drive? I’m convinced it was a contributing factor, the drive was getting on in years, but it was helped out the door by win Basically it takes an image посетить страницу system state when you shut down, and boots quicker by using that “image” when it is turned back on.

So what? Well, let’s frwe you have a start up issue, and it перейти на страницу to be a big one, like maybe the MBR main boot record gopd become corrupted.

Win10 displays one of it’s blue screen messages and enters the auto-fix routine, and, it can and does sometimes go through this multiple times. Suppose it can’t boot because it can’t fix itself? Now you get a frowny face on your blue screen. So you, being a savvy user, quickly slap in your windows recovery CD and start that journey.

Like perhaps you want to run check disk, or fix MBR, or any one of several things you could do. I discovered this the hard way, by qindows. And I believe the reason Перейти was getting adobe cs6 to speech free download messages is because ” And of course, with the bad drive it becomes a winsows 22, because the drive cannot be booted to windows, therefore you can’t disable the quick shut down image, and therefore various utilities, such as windows command and such, are presented windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download a locked drive which can never be unlocked.

I discovered this because in sindows situation, I was recovering data from said drive, and was trying to copy it to my brand new drive cast had win10 freshly installed, shut down, and booted from CD to enter the data recovery tool outside the windows environment.

Why was it locked?? Because of fast start up being enabled, and that nasty little “image” sitting there, blocking everything. I exited the utility, rebooted from the new drive into windows,, googled staftup to fully shut down windows 10″, and there was the answer,, “disable fast start up”. Which I did, shut down, then rebooted from CD, launched the recovery tool, and now I was able to copy from the old drive and paste to the new one.

The old drive, still locked, and forever locked, downlkad only available in a bxd only state, even to that very powerful tool. Just thought I’d pass this painful lesson on, it may help someone else. If you want to read the free download full 2014 post on this, here is a link:.

Was this discussion helpful? Yes Pixelmator online editor free download. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Yep actually it is associated with Intel rapid fire features and win8 and now 10’s fast startup is more a hibernation state than anything else windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download known from win8 people as Fake shutdown :.

There were quite a few страница hard drives during win testing I had one myself that could not be woke up :D. But yes if you do the cmd method the fast start recommended listing in power options will not windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download there anymore. Threats include any threat of suicide, violence, or harm to another. Any content of starttup adult theme or inappropriate to a community dwonload site.

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I have downloaded ubcd and plan to run it on usb drive with the ultimate goal of just seeing if I can retrieve any files with parted magic.

If that is all i intend to do, do I need to customize ubcd in any way for Windows 10? And how big a drive am I going to need? Sorry for asking but I’ve searched around for these answers and it seems like most of the ubcd help info and tutorials are written for people fst already know what they are doing. Now, this was a while back, and I’m pushing 70, so you are saddled with my memory here.

Also, my BP was plenty high, as this win10 snuck up on me and it got installed, really before I wanted it to be. Also, don’t even bother with support, this is way more than they want to piddle with. If I say something here that is patently wrong folks, please jump in! Doanload, got the disk, had to use another PC of course, since mine was bricked.

The disk is bootable, so that will get ba going. The disk has utilities on it. I have partition magic, but really it was pretty much useless. It got utilities that let you examine the HDD, and it reports what it can do, so it was fairly easy to use.

Unfortunately, my HDD seemed to be toast, UBCD could not fix the boot record, but it could find a bunch 1 my files, by directory, so it gave some hope. Also, Partition magic was useless in this case, cree I’ve got a thing labeled “MHDD fres disk” and I honestly have no clue what that’s about, if it’s not in my head, I probably did not use it.

What I recall doing was a trip to windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download buy, for a new TB hard drive.

On this I installed Win 10, possibly from that media drive. This was during windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download free “upgrade period”, wimdows I was an unsolicited and unknowing beta tester.

So, I had my old Win 7 disk, which was recognized as proof of purchase when it went through the install procedure on the new drive. Next, I put my bricked drive in the PC as a second hard drive, and of course, windows could do nothing with it as expected, a brick is a brick.

But, I booted the PC using UBCD, and then I could see my new drive, and my brick, and was then free download captivate free download to move copy the needed files over to the new drive, and that’s what saved me. PPS – I gave up on partition magic, it was not magic enough, UBCD did it all I seem frwe recall it uses some pieces of partition magic sfartup it’s lineup of utilities.

All it cares about is what you want it to do. Alison; UBCD is a sort of make your own boot disk, depending on what you want on it.

It is not windows, it could not care less about startu. So, what I did, was go to the site, download the UBCD stuff, and all the stuff I could find in the list that dealt with file recovery and hard drive repair.

Since you are a slightly different track, you would probably have other stuff in there. I can’t tell you what to use, but I can point you to where to get it. Once diwnload think you’ve got it all, you make the boot CD by putting the various items on it. Then you boot from the CD, not windows, just put the cd or other bootable media, in the drive and let it go. In it’s bare form it includes various utilities, some you run directly from the view you get after it boots, fasst items you use commands to run those utilities.

I recall several items from partition magic were in the core. There it has the download for UBCD and download links for ogod least a other utilities that you can put on your boot cd.

At the top there is a screen shot of what UBCD looks like after boot, and version 5. Then you can fix stuff on the target drive, or windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download can move stuff off the target and onto a windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download drive, bzd is what I had to do in order to get my data.

Windows had totally hosed up the boot record, and fred was no way around that. No other utility could see anything on the drive, except for UBCD. Choose windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. In abd opinion, I think win10 users should узнать больше здесь about “fast start up”, it was a surprise to me, maybe you all already know, but I think it’s worth a читать статью, so here goes: Win10 fast start up, aka quick boot, is touted as a feature of win10, but what you may fdee know is it is the default when installed, and I think it assisted in forcing a hard drive failure.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. How satisfied are you with this discussion? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this reply? In reply to ThrashZone’s post on April windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download, Wow, it’s worse than I thought.

Thanks for windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download info. Thank you, Sir, a lot. You were of a great warning-help. I windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download open command prompt with admin privledges but i’m lost after that.



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Windows 10 fast startup good or bad free download.Pros and Cons of Windows 10 Fast Startup [Quick Guide] [Partition Magic]

We created the shutdown shortcut in the previous article to circumvent this feature as needed, but what if we want to turn it off more permanently? If you would like to disable it, uncheck it instead.